Selling a Home Vacant vs Occupied

Before selling your home, you may have to look for a real estate agent. Then, buyers will visit your home and they will take their decisions. Hence, selling a home can be a long process.

Now, your home can be in two conditions. Either it will be vacant or occupied. If you think your home’s condition doesn’t matter, then you are wrong. Because the entire process of selling depends on your home’s condition. So, you should know the difference between a vacant and occupied home.

Selling a Home Vacant vs Occupied

Vacant Home: Advantages

1) Buyers Can Visit Anytime
When you have a vacant home, buyers can visit your home easily. You can give your home’s keys to your real estate agent. Then, he will show your home to the buyers. This means nobody will disturb you to see your home. You can do your daily activities without any hesitation.

2) Buyers Will Face No Obligations
Buyers may want to see each room minutely. They may want to visit each corner of your house. In that case, a vacant home will be a perfect condition for buyers. They can measure and plan to decorate the rooms without any obligations. Nobody will watch over them.

3) Requires Casual Maintenance
A vacant house needs maintenance. But, unlike an occupied house, you just don’t have to maintain it perfectly. Apart from that buyers won’t blame you, Because they know that a vacant house may not always be sparkling.

Vacant Home: Disadvantages

1) Maintenance
You need to maintain a vacant house. But, if it’s occupied, then you clean it naturally. You won’t need to spend money to maintain it separately.

2) Robbery
Robbers or burglars can target a vacant house easily. They can rob your house. Then, you have to repair it again and again.

3) Rumors
A vacant house attracts rumors. People may make stories about your vacant house. These stories can create obstacles to sell your house.

Occupied Home: Advantages

1) Easy To Clean and Maintain
An occupied home means you are staying at that home. Hence, you will repair and maintain your house perfectly. So, cleaning your house won’t be an extra burden for you.

2) Easy To Meet The Buyers
In an occupied home, buyers can meet you directly. As a result, your home’s buyers won’t be unknown persons to you.

3) Sell The Emotions
Your home’s buyer may want to know the history and the real condition of the house. If you live in the house, you can explain to your buyer everything. Your buyer will be happy to know the truth and the buyer can feel your house.

4) Save Money
Living in a separate house means you have to maintain your vacant house. As a result, you have to spend a good amount of money to maintain your vacant house. So, an occupied house can save you money. Because you just have to maintain one house.

Occupied Home: Disadvantages

1) Needs Perfect Maintenance
Your buyer may want to see a perfectly cleaned house. Hence, an occupied house should always be kept in perfect condition. This maintenance may cost you time and money.

2) Some Buyers May Like A Vacant House
Some buyers like a vacant house. They may want to inspect the house precisely. So, these buyers may not like an occupied house.

3) Buyers May Come At Any Time
Your home’s buyers may visit your house at any time. Consequently, you have to be always ready to welcome them. These sudden visits can be embarrassing to you and your family.

So, if you can maintain your house properly, then you can satisfy your buyers. But, an unoccupied home is more expensive to maintain. Hence, it’s easier to sell an occupied home. Though, some buyers love vacant homes. So, it’s important to know the difference between selling a house vacant vs occupied.

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